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The Right Network


We have years of experience doing business with Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco. This translates into a seamless and consistent member experience when visiting these locations. Clearly, members are satisfied with our network – 98% of them went in-network. Additionally, 97% of members live within 3.7 miles of five different provider locations.


With over 6.4 million claims, 97% were in-network (2017).

By utilizing in-network providers, members save time and money.


We offer our members the freedom to spend their allowance how they want, where they want. Unique product offerings save members money and gives them additional choices.

  • Over 68,000 points of access including both retail and independent provider locations
  • Use your allowance on any frame at any location
  • Fixed pricing on all lens options
  • Plus, additional discounts on any cost after the allowance
  • Enhanced allowance options at Visionworks, including plans that include free frames*
  • Half off any pair of glasses – even sunglasses
  • Over 750 stores nationwide
  • Largest selection in the industry – avg. of 2,000 frames per store.
  • Nearly 9,000 independent provider locations that carry the Exclusive Collection
  • Over 200 brand-name frames
  • Fixed pricing on all lens options
  • One-year eyeglass breakage warranty at no additional cost

*Free indicates fully-covered frames excluding Maui Jim


Vision isn’t like dental or medical. It’s less frequent; Americans with benefits get an eye exam every 19 months. Retail presence is big, with the vision industry being early to adopt clinical care in a convenient, retail setting.

Optometrists can examine, diagnose, treat and manage diseases and disorders of the eye as well as prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses and other medication and eyewear to treat eye diseases. Ophthalmologists (MDs) are physicians who specialize in eye surgery and may also diagnose and write prescriptions for eye diseases and disorders. Members can obtain routine eye exams from a network ophthalmologist at no additional charge.


Our state-of-the-art lab facilities across the United States have the capability to grow and produce more than six million pairs of glasses annually. We’re able to use that full supply chain – from eye care and exams, to retail and lab work – in order to give our customers more…for less.


Free frames through the Exclusive Collection, 68,000+ points of access and quality vision benefits that people trust and want.


745+ locations throughout the U.S. and the largest frame assortment in the industry.


In-house lab work to keep quality high and costs low in our state-of-the-art facilities.